Since 1968 members of Treadwell & Associates, Inc. have been providing appraisal and consulting services for properties in Michigan.

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The primary counties covered by Treadwell & Associates, Inc. are Genessee, Lapeer, Livingston, Macomb, Monroe, Oakland, Washtenaw, and Wayne in Michigan. We provide appraisal services throughout Michigan. Our office is in Wayne County.

Treadwell & Associates, Inc. is a member or subscriber to CoStar Comparables and Data Service (Detroit and western Michigan Markets), CPIX (state-wide commercial multiple listing service), Monroe and Down River Association of Realtors (Down River Multiple Listing Service), Realcomp, Ltd. (multiple listing service for most of southeast Michigan), and B S & A (data base service used by many city and township assessors). We have accounts with the Wayne County Register of Deeds, Oakland County Register of Deeds, and the Macomb County Register of Deeds.

The Site to do Business is used to provide demographic and business data for the appraisal assignments.

Donald H. Treadwell, Jr. is the principal appraiser. He is a member of the Appraisal Institute holding the MAI designation and is a Certified General Real Estate Appraiser under the laws of the State of Michigan, Identification Number 1201000263, and is a Professional Member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (Real Estate Appraisal) MRICS. Mr. Treadwell is current in the required continuing education of both organizations.

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The office is located at 15032 Fort Street (just south of Eureka) Michigan, Michigan 48195

The office phone number: 734.282.2123 goes to a voice mail that can be accessed from off premises and is checked on a regular basis. The fax number is 734.282.7822."

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Accurate Appraisals & Consulting

The firm provides real estate appraisal services for a wide variety of owner-occupied and investment property types. We value single and multiple-tenant commercial and office properties from 2,000 to over 500,000 square feet. We value single and multiple-tenant industrial buildings from 2,000 to over 1,000,000 square feet. We value apartments from 4 to 400 units. We also provide appraisal of special purpose property including manufactures housing development, marinas, ice skating rinks, roller skating rinks, restaurants, petroleum retail facilities, and refrigerated storage. The firm values vacant land and proposed land developments.

In Michigan, the commercial property market can shift on a dime. For exactly this reason, you need an appraiser that’s always one step ahead. Treadwell & Associates Inc is well-known as one of the area’s leaders when it comes to accurate commercial valuations and we pride ourselves on detail-oriented appraisals for all types of commercial properties, from standalone restaurants to large, industrial complexes and agricultural land.

On a commercial real estate appraisal job, our team of experts will visit the Michigan location in question and perform a top-to-bottom appraisal using the appropriate value approach method required (cost, income, or direct sales). From there, Treadwell & Associates Inc will generate and deliver a high quality, detailed appraisal report.

As your partner, you can trust Treadwell & Associates Inc to produce impartial appraisals that are based on our unique understanding of commercial real estate legislation, current trends in the local market, and a thorough analysis of the specific property, whether it’s a retail shop, multi-unit housing complex, distribution warehouse, or any other commercial structure.

Treadwell & Associates Inc want to help your business succeed. Give us a call at 734-282-2123 to learn more about our Michigan commercial appraisals.

It pays to have experience and knowledge on your side, especially when it comes to appraisals and property valuation in Michigan. With years in the business and a talented team of real estate professionals, Treadwell & Associates Inc consulting services are the right answer when you need the expertise of an experienced, objective third party.

Available for a wide range of situations, our Michigan consulting can take the form of everything from appraisal reviews to feasibility studies to expert witness testimony in legal cases. Whatever your particular needs, our consulting services will display the same commitment to quality, attention to detail, and reliable professionalism that’s come to be synonymous with the Treadwell & Associates Inc name.

For many of our Michigan clients, Treadwell & Associates Inc has become a trusted partner for regular consultation services. In growing together, we’re able to understand better what our clients need and become more efficient with each consulting job completed. Ask around and you’ll quickly find that our reputation is second to none in the local area.

Feel free to contact Treadwell & Associates Inc in Michigan for previous and current consulting references. Our number is 734-282-2123 - call us today!

Investment real estate consists of property that is rented, or can be rented, to third parties. Thus, it is revenue producing.

A real estate investment has three ways to create a return on the initial equity investment. The cash flow produced by revenues net of expenses and debt service (payment of interest and principal), the increase in the property’s value, and the payoff of a loan through the debt service funded by the net operating income of the property. Because real estate can be readily used as collateral for loans and, if leased, provide the cash flow to pay off that loan it is particularly suited for leverage investments.

The acquisition of investment real estate can be a great way to accumulate wealth, if the proper level of expertise is used in negotiating its acquisition and subsequent management. A successful acquisition requires that the appropriate factors are properly evaluated. Four of these factors are discussed below.

First-the location must be analyzed. The relevant items vary with the type of property. Residential rentals for example are impacted by household income levels, population trends, proximity to employment opportunities, and proximity to retail and commercial service businesses among other characteristics.

Second-the type of tenants that are occupying the subject or are expected to occupy the subject must be analyzed. The relevant items vary with the type of property. A small strip center, for example, might appeal to national credit tenants due to its proximity to major retailers or other traffic generators. The credit strength of the tenants has a substantial impact on the value of the property.

Third-the features of the property must be analyzed and their impact on tenant mix and appeal considered. For example the clear height of an industrial building and the number of loading dock affects whether it is suitable for use as a distribution warehouse. A medical or dental office requires more parking than does an insurance sales office or an architect office.

Fourth-the condition of the property improvements must be analyzed. If a building requires to be remodeled to attract (or retain) tenants or a roof cover requires replacement the effective acquisition cost would include the purchase price and the expenditures to correct these problems.

These factors all tend to change over time (sometimes very quickly such as the value of a building that was leased to Block Buster) and as professional appraisers we can help you understand the potential risks and potential rewards of a real estate investment and its probable value whether you are considering a purchase, a sale, or underwriting a mortgage-secured loan.

The analysis of investment real estate takes experience, education, and expertise, we bring all three to the assignment.

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